Arisaka Defense Offset Scout Mount M-LOK – MCX (OSM-MCX)

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The Patented Arisaka Inline Scout Mount is designed specifically for the Surefire Scout Light M600 and M300, the Arisaka 300 and 600 Series Lights, Modlite Rifle Lights, Cloud Defensive Rifle Lights, and the Streamlight Protac Rail Mount 1, 2, and HL-X. It replaces the stock Picatinny rail adapter with a low-profile mount for M-Lok handguards. The mount is especially useful on handguards that feature 45-degree angle mounting flats, such as the BCM MCMR, Geissele Automatics SMR MK4 and MK8, Daniel Defense MFR, KAC URX4, ALG Defense EMR, MI Gen 3, Mega MML, and Mega/Hodge Wedge Lock.

  • Length: 3.0”
  • Height: 0.20″ (at Surefire Scout Light mounting point)
  • Weight: 0.6 oz
  • CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and MIL-A-8625 Type III hard coat anodized
  • Requires an IP25/T25 and IP20/T20 Torx wrench for installation (not included)
  • Includes necessary screws to attach light body to mount.
  • Made in the USA

When used on a 45-degree angle mounting flat, the Inline Scout Mount allows the user to position the light closer or farther away from the top 12 o’clock rail to give clearance for front sights or other accessories. Three positions are provided, allowing an offset of 0.12″ to either side of the center. The base of the Surefire Scout Light sits only 0.2″ above the mounting surface.

Installation tip: In order to reduce the overall length of the mount as much as possible, it is necessary to unscrew the tail cap of the light to access the front-most mounting screw.

Compatibility with front sights varies depending on the mounting location on handguards with 45-degree flats:

1. Top left 45-degree flat: Most sights work, including MBUS Pro, Knight’s Armament Micro, Troy folding, and Diamondhead. MBUS Gen II work if positioned to allow clearance for the release tab.

2. Top right 45 degree flat: Due to the asymmetrical body of the Surefire Scout Light, placement of the front sight and light are more critical in this setup. The smaller sights like MBUS Pro and Knight’s Armament Micro work fine, but the Troy, Diamondhead, and MBUS Gen II will not be able to clear the main body where the screw holes reside for the stock Picatinny adapter. This means one or the other will have to be moved forward/back to get appropriate clearance. Another option is to use an Arisaka 300 Series Light Body or 600 Series Light Body, which will allow plenty of clearance.

Compatible with Modlite OKW-18350OKW-18650, PLHV2-18350PLHV2-18650, Surefire M300A, M300B, M300C, M600B, M600C, M600P, M600U, M600V, M600DF, Modlite PLH and OKW, Streamlight Protac Rail Mount 1, 2 and HL-X (non-laser), Olight Odin, and Arisaka 300 and 600 Series.

Requires an IP25/T25 and IP20/T20 Torx wrench for installation (not included). Recommended torque: 30-inch lbs for M-Lok screws and 20-inch lbs for light body screws with Loctite 222 or 243.


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